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Pocket Guide to Urology 4th Edition Fourth Edition Jeffrey A. Wieder Jeffrey Wieder Jeffrey A. Weider Jeffrey Weider Jeff Wieder Jeff A. Wieder Jeff Weider Jeff A. Weider Dr. Wieder Dr. Weider Doctor Wieder Doctor Weider
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We will be unable to ship Syllabus size 4th edition from 7/30/14 to 8/12/14. You can purchase a syallbus size guide, but it will not ship until after 8/12/14.

There will be no pocket size guides available until the 5th edition is released (5th edition release date estimated to be October 2014).

I am NOT taking preorders for the 5th edition - so do not place an order for the 5th editon until it is officially released. Thank You.

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News: The Pocket Guide to Urology was ranked in the top 3 most useful educational materials
(alongside Campbell's Urology and the AUA Self Assessment Study Program) by residents in the Mid-Atlantic Section.

The Pocket Guide to Urology - 4th Edition
Since the first edition was released in 1999, the Pocket Guide to Urology has become one of the most popular urology texts. Over 30,000 copies of the Pocket Guide to Urology have been printed and distributed worldwide (over 35 countries on 6 continents).  It is being translated into Chinese for distribution throughout China. The 4th edition is currently for sale.
The 4th edition of the Pocket Guide to Urology is a comprehensive evidence-based reference book that emphasizes clinical guidelines, consensus statements, and landmark studies. Information is compiled and is presented in a thorough, organized, and logical format.  Each chapter contains detailed references.   
The 4th edition of the Pocket Guide to Urology contains a plethora of new information.
It has 538 pages and contains the following chapters:

Pocket Guide to Urology - Cover

Renal Tumors
Wilms’ Tumor & Other Pediatric Renal Tumors 
Bladder Tumors
Upper Tract Urothelial Tumors
Tumor Markers for Urothelial Cancer
Penile Tumors
Testicular Tumors
Prostate Cancer
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
Androgen Deprivation
Strictures of the Lower Urinary Tract
Strictures of the Upper Urinary Tract
Imaging & Radiology
Urodynamics & Bladder Function
Urinary Incontinence: General Concepts
Urge Incontinence & Overactive Bladder
Stress Incontinence in the Female
Stress Incontinence in the Male
Pregnancy: Urologic Considerations
Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR)
Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Male Infertility
Ejaculatory Disorders
Emergent Urologic Conditions
Genitourinary Trauma
Genitourinary Infections: General Concepts
Lower Urinary Tract Infections
Upper Urinary Tract Infections
Genital Infections
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Prostate Infections
Gas Forming Infections
Tuberculosis & Malacoplakia
Surgical Principles for the Urologist
Ureteral Stents
Use of Intestine in the Urinary Tract
Doses of Commonly Used Medications
Formulas and Conversions
Sample Pages

Progress on the 5th Edition
Updated Chapters:               

               ● Prostate cancer - added abiratrone, enzalutamide, sipuleucel-T, docetaxel, cabazitaxel, denosumab for mets,
                  zoledronic acid, Radium-223 (alpharadin), mitoxantrone, PIVOT trial, more randomized trials comparing
                  treatments, 2012 American Brachytherapy Society Guidelines for permanent and HDR brachytherapy,
                  AUA 2013 screening guidelines, AUA 2013 guideline for castration resistant prostate cancer,
                  ASTRO/AUA 2013 guideline for XRT after prostatectomy, NCCN 2014 guidelines,
                  molecular markers (ERG, ConfirmMDx, etc.), ductal prostate cancer, technique for seminal vesicle biopsy,
                  atypical adenomatous hyperplasia (AAH), atypical small acinar proliferation (ASAP),
                  and many other updates.
               ● Androgen deprivation - AUA/ACS/AUA advisory on androgen deprivation and carediovascular risk,
                  National Osteoporosis Foundation Guidelines, denosumab for osteoporosis, microsurges on an LHRH agonist
               ● Renal Tumors - added NCCN 2014 guidelines, axitinib, EORTC 30904 update, added tumor thrombus section,
                   and many other updates.
               ● Upper tract tumors - added Lynch syndome, aristolochia (cause of Balkan nephropathy).
               ● Penile Cancer - added the ICUD-SUI 2010 guidelines, more detail on inguinal node dissection.
               ● Hematuria - 2012 AUA guidelines for microhematuria.
               ● Uroliothiasis - treatment and prevention of catheter encrustation, EAU 2013 guidelines on urolithiasis
               ● UTI General Concepts - IDSA 2009 catheter associated UTI guidelines
               ● Lower urinary tract infections - added 2010 IDSA/ESCMID guidelines for acute cystitis
               ● Upper urinary tract infections - added 2010 IDSA/ESCMID guidelines for acute pyelonephritis
               ● STDs - added 2010 CDC guidelines and 2012 CDC gonorrhea update, STD screening, STD prevention,
                  condom types and failure rates.
               ● Male Infertility - added 2012 AUA Vasectomy guideline, added 2010 AUA Best practice polices for infertility
Erectile Dysfunction - added avanfil,  2012 American Heart Association statement on sex and cardiac disease,
                  Princeton 3 Consensus on ED and cardiac disease, complications of penile prosthesis, updated Peyronie's
                  section, EAU 2013 guidelines on penile curvature

               ● Surgical principles - 2012 update of AUA antibiotic prophylaxis guidelines, updated mechanical bowel prep
                  studies to include urologic data.
               ● Overactive bladder - added mirabegron, 2012 AUA/SUFU guideline, 4th international consultation on
                   incontinence, onabotulinumtoxinA (Botox), permiability glycoprotein pump and its impact on CNS toxicity,
               ● BPH - added cialis, 2010 AUA BPH guidelines, and other updates.
               ● Embryology - added Tourneux's fold, Rathke's plicae, Bochdalek's foramen, Horseshoe kidney,
                  Chwalla's membrane,
               ● Imaging - endorectal MRI (dynamic contrast enhancement, diffusion weighted images, spectroscopy),
                  NaF-18 PET/CT
               ● Trauma - added revised AAST grading of renal trauma, 2013 EAU guidelines, 2014 AUA guidelines
               ● Lower urinary tract strictures - added the ICUD 2014 guidelines.
               ● Priapism - added the ICUD 2013 guidelines (from ICUD on sexaul dysfunction), updated shunt info.
               ● Vesicoureteral reflux - added AUA 2010 guidelines, bowel-bladder dysfunction
    New Chapters: 
              ● Fungal Infections - cystitis, pyelonephritis, fungus balls, 2009 IDSA guidelines
● Hypogonadism - mulitple guidelines, hormonal axis diagram, primary and secondary hypogonadism,
                 diagnosis and treatment.
Many other updates throughout the book.
I hope to havethe 5th edition ready by August 2014.
Pocket Guide to Urology, Fourth Edition  - Copyright 2010 by Jeff A. Wieder.  All rights reserved.
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