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Medical students applying for urology residency

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Medical Students Applying For Urology Residency

      Pocket Guide to Urology is recommended by Urologymatch.com.

      At the 2013 3rd International meeting of “Challenges in Endourology & Functional Urology”, an abstract was presented
that showed the Pocket Guide to Urology was used by more than 90% of urology residency applicants who responded
to a survey (see page 3: abstract PP-59 "Utilization of learning resources among urology residency applicants").

       In the Journal of Urology (J Urol 172: 278, 2004), Harvard Medical School published a study in which "...Pocket Guide
 to Urology was used as a reference text..." This study proved that the Pocket Guide to Urology, when used with
 clinical rotations, improved trainee knowledge! 

Several universities offer advice for students applying to a urology residency, which includes a recommendation to use
the Pocket Guide to Urology:
  ●  Drexler University College of Medicine website (see "So you want to go into urology": section IV, part A, #5).

Residency Programs

      In a report from the AUA residents committee in 2011, The Pocket Guide to Urology was ranked in the top 3 most useful educational materials (alongside Campbell's Urology and the AUA Self Assessment Study Program) by residents in the Mid-Atlantic Section.

      "Your pocket guides have significantly increased the standard in-service score of our residents here at USC..." – S. Piazza
Academic Program Manager, USC

Pocket Guide to Urology is used by many urology residents and students as a part of their curriculum.

          United States Training Programs
      ●   Harvard Medical School - Harvard uses the Pocket Guide to Urology for their "Introduction to Urology"
            rotation (see "Resources" in their Course Info).
      ●   University of California, Los Angleles (UCLA)
      ●   University of California, Irvine
      ●   University of California, Davis
      ●   University of Southern California (USC) - see comment below.
      ●   Stanford (California)
      ●   University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - see comment below.
      ●   Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota) - see this letter from the Chairman of Urology at Mayo Clinic.
      ●   Mayo Clinic (Arizona)
      ●   Duke University (North Carolina)
      ●   Medical University of South Carolina
      ●   Baylor University (Texas)
      ●   University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio - see "Medical Student Resources".
      ●   Texas Tech University
      ●   Louisina State University
      ●   University of Alabama, Birmingham
      ●   Virginia Commonwealth University - see "Reference Textbooks" section, last one on the list.
      ●   West Virginia University
      ●   University of Florida, Gainesville
      ●   University of Miami
      ●   Cleveland Clinic (Ohio)
      ●   University of Toledo (Ohio)
      ●   University of Cincinnati (Ohio)
      ●   Case Medical Center (Ohio)
      ●   Northwestern University (Chicago)
      ●   University of Illinois, Chicago - see "Supplemental Reading" at the bootom of the webpage.
      ●   University of Kansas
      ●   University of Nebraska
      ●   Lahey Clinic/Tufts (Massachusetts)
      ●   Penn State/Hershey
      ●   University of Pittsburgh
      ●   William Beaumont Hospital (Michigan)
      ●   Henry Ford Hospital (Michigan)
      ●   Cooper University/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (New Jersey)
      ●   Washington University (Saint Louis, Missouri)
      ●   University at Buffalo SUNY (New York)  
      ●   University of Colorado (Denver) - see Section 7, part 2 on page 3.
      ●   University of Arkansas (Little Rock)
      ●   Emory (Georgia)
      ●   Rutgers/New Jersey Medical School

      Training Programs Outside the US
         ●   Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (Melbourne, Australia)
         ●   University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
         ●   University of British Columbia (Canada)
         ●   Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Worldwide Acclaim!

Chinese Translation - The Pocket Guide has been translated into Chinese by the Peking Union Medical College Press.
        The Chinese version is available throughout China.
Featured in European Urology Today - A urologist from Romania used the Pocket Guide while doing a visiting
        rotation in Australia (see Page 7 of European Urology Today Jan 2014 -"Urology Training Down Under").

     International orders have come from:

   North America
      ●   Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Quebec, New Foundland & Labrador,
           New Brunswick)
      ●   United States
      ●   Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey, Montemorelos, Tlalpan, Aguascalientes, Puebla, Cuernavaca, Oaxaca,
               Merida, Celaya)
      ●   Jamaica (Kingston)
      ●   Puerto Rico (San Juan, Ponce, Arecibo, Guayama, Guaynabo, Caguas, San Lorenzo, Manati)
      ●   Costa Rica (San Jose)
      ●   Bermuda

  South America
      ●   Chile (Santiago, Vina Del Mar, Temuco)
      ●   Brazil (Sau Paulo, Campinas, Londrina)
      ●   Colombia (Bogotá, Neiva)
      ●   Argentina (Bariloche)
      ●   Ecuador (Cuenca)
      ●   Trinidad & Tobago (San Fernando)

      ●   Ireland (Dublin, Galway)
      ●   England (London, Manchester, Oldham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Cambridge, Bristol,
               Grimsby, Crewe, Birmingham, Leicester, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Nottingham, Rugeley, Carlisle,
               Milton Keynes, Stoke on Trent, Cardiff, Derby, Winchster, Coventry, Plymouth, Hull)
      ●   Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee)
      ●   Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Coana, Girona, Santander, Valencia)
      ●   Portugal (Porto)
      ●   Belgium (Marke, Kortrijk, Harelbeke, Maria-Aalter, Damme, Roeselare, Ghent)
      ●   Denmark (Taastrup)
      ●   Netherlands (Groningen)
      ●   Austria (Vienna, Graz)
      ●   Germany (Karlsruhe, Langen)
      ●   Poland (Belchatow)
      ●   Hungary (Budapest, Pecs)
      ●   Romania (Bucharest)
      ●   Lithuania
      ●   Slovakia (Krasna)
      ●   Serbia (Belgrade)
      ●   Switzerland (Zurich)
      ●   Sweden (Goteborg)
      ●   Italy (Parma, Naples)
      ●   Greece (Athens)
      ●   Belarus
      ●   France

      ●   Israel
      ●   Turkey (Istanbul, Tekirdag)
      ●   Saudi Arabia (Mecca, Jeddah, Riyadh, Al-Ahsa, Dammam, Madinah, Abha, Jazan, Al Khobar,
                Al Majma'ah, Dhahran)
      ●   United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)
      ●   Qatar (Doha)
      ●   Oman (Muscat)
      ●   Kuwait
      ●   Jordan
      ●   Lebanon (Beirut)
      ●   Pakistan (Islamabad)
      ●   India (Jalgaon, Nadiad)
      ●   Japan (Tokyo, Okayama)
      ●   China (Guangdong, Honh Kong, and throughout China) - See Chinese translation.
      ●   Mongolia (Ulan Bator)
      ●   South Korea (Seoul)
      ●   Singapore
      ●   Philippines (Manila, Panabo City)
      ●   Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Johor Bahru, Batu Caves, Kuching, Alor Setar, Georgetown)
      ●   Indonesia
      ●   Taiwan
      ●   Thailand (Bangkok)

 Australia & New Zealand
      ●   New Zealand (Wellington, Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Christchurch, Dunedin, Tauranga,
                New Plymouth)
      ●   Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Canberra, Wollongong, Newcastle, Albury,
                Adelaid, Mackay, Port Macquarie, Bundaberg, Bega, Cairns)

      ●   South Africa (Capetown, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria)
      ●   Ghana (Kumasi)
      ●   Kenya
      ●   Egypt (Cairo, Assiut)

Comments Posted On-line:

            ●   Student Doctor Network (see all posts in this thread, which was started 6/30/2012)
      ●   UrologyMatch.com Forum (see last paragraph of  post #1 dated 12/22/10 by "Anonymous User")
      ●   UrologyMatch.com Forum (see 2nd paragraph of  post #1 dated 10/27/10 by "Anonymous User")
      ●   UrologyMatch.com Forum (see post #1 dated 9/1/10 by "Anonymous User")
      ●   UrologyMatch.com Forum (see post #7 dated 4/1/10 by "texaskid")
      ●   Student Doctor Network (see post dated 6/1/10 by "felipe5")
      ●   Student Doctor Network (see posts "felipe5" and "Tori's dad")
      ●   Student Doctor Network (see posts by "felipe5", "Army_Doc", and "UroJobSearch")
      ●   UrologyMatch.com Forum (see reply #3 dated 6/2/09 and reply #5 dated 6/8/09)
      ●   UrologyMatch.com (see comments)
      ●   Student Doctor Network (see post by "deegs" from 6/26/09 and the post by "CME2P" on 7/3/09)
      ●   Student Doctor Network Forums (see posts by "rowan" and "threepeas" on this page)
      ●   UrologyMatch.com Forum (see post entitled "pocket guide" from 2/14/07)
      ●   European Urology Today  (picture on Page 7, "Urology Training Down Under" of January 2014 issue).

Comments That Were E-mailed to Me:

● “Your book is required reading for our Michigan residents!! Truly the VERY best Urology reference book I
have ever seen.” – Ganesh S. Palapattu, Chief of Urologic Oncology, University of Michigan

● "Your pocket guides have significantly increased the standard in-service score of our residents here at USC..."
    – S. Piazza, Academic Program Manager, USC

● “The book is awsome. Finally there is a concise book with all the pertinent things, right on the money and to the point. ” – Robert D., Slovakia.

●   "I've been out in practice for 7 years now, and I think it is a must-have for every urology resident and practicing urologist.” – Connie W., Colorado.

●   “Your guide is phenomenal. I marvel at the condensation of key points--I read it against meeting CDs, such as the 2009 ICUD Incontinence conference, and am always amazed how much content you get in at-a-glance....Bravo!” –  Anne B., Saint Paul, Minnesota.

●   “I have been getting ready for boards re-certification, and the book has been a really useful way to cover a lot of specific material quickly.  Having gone over 750 SASP questions, I realize that the answers are all italicized in the pocket guide. That is really helpful. ” – Mark B., New Mexico.

●  "I am a urology professor...and...I have used your book throughout the years and everything folks say about it is true! It is the greatest thing since sliced bread to the field of urology..." – Bobbilynn L, Georgia.

●  "It's the best pocket guide book in the entire world !!"  – Pavel G, Barcelona, Spain.

●  “I would like to say that the pocket guide is a superbly useful and concise guide that I utilize on a daily basis in my urology practice." – Yemi A., West Virginia

●  "Do you realize how important your pocket guide has become to urology training?  Although Campbells is still the foundation, your guide is the highest yield material out there.  It's almost like you write the inservice and board questions.  You clearly have a knack for simplifying complex topics with the least amount of words. Thanks for all you've contributed to my education.” – Jeff B., San Francisco, California.

●  “Your book is an INVALUABLE resource for anyone who is taking boards, re-certifying, or even in training.  Every single urologist should have the Pocket Guide.” – Amanjot S., Walnut Creek, CA.

●   "Your pocket guide has become the de facto textbook of the Australian/New Zeland residency programme among the trainees, in preference to the usual (Smiths, Campbells). The general consensus is that the book has information that is
simply not in other standard textbooks and presents it in a succinct but yet readable form....you should know how invaluable it has been to us while we were studying for the fellowship exams." – Tim L., Australia.

●   "...your book is phenomenal.  It's so much easier to learn the important material in Urology through your book than with using Campbell's or other resources." – Shekhar P., Washington DC

●   “Thank you so much for your great book.  I often read your chapters after a campbells chapter and think that you have
summarized or approached the topic much better. You will be directly responsible for the education of alot of urology residents...” – Danielle M., Akron, Ohio.

●  “...just wanted to tell you it is hands down the best Urology book of its type. ” – Hampton R., Jackson, Mississippi.

●   “Your book is outstanding...I wanted to thank you for making such a consice, to the point and very high yield book.  It's also very clinically oriented.  Great job. ” –  Mike P., Royal Oak, MI

●   “Your guides have been invaluable thru residency and now studying for the oral boards.  They really should be required reading!” – Paul G., Fresno, California.

●  “Your book has made an amazing difference in my inservice score [My score increased] from an average score one year to a high percentile score the following year. ” – Chris W., Utah.

●  “I love the book...It's amazing how I read through campbell's and then go back to reference the pocket guide, which always has it perfectly condensed down to a quick review..” – Matt C., Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

●  "...I must compliment you on an amazing piece of work.  The answers to 98% of the questions I have been asked on ward rounds have come straight out of 'Wieder'.  No other summary or lecture note type of book that I have come across manages to be as interesting and readable, while still having such a high concentration of pertinent information." – Malcom D, South Africa.

●  "My residents quote it more often than Campbells...Your book is the best." - Jeanne L, Pennsylvania.

●  “Your book is beyond amazing.  Studying for the Orals and it is my bible!” – Rashmi S., Rhode Island.

●  “"You have the BEST written pocket guide book for ANY subject.  It is the perfect balance of enough information/explanation with not too much detail."” – Paulina O., Fort Myers, Forida.

●   “Your book is the best pocket guide that I have ever read.... I told to some collegues and they love it too..” – Bruno V., Santiago, Chile.

●   “I borrowed a copy of the book during my urology rotation last month and I thought it was the most comprehensive and concise pocketbook out there.” –   Chad E., Chicago, Illinois.

●    “People love this pocket guide in Australia. I think it is a great book for any urology fellow or registrar.”
  – Ahmad A., Australia.

●    "All my fellow registrars here in New Zealand rave about it." – Louise B., New Zealand

●    “I think your book is the best.” –  Esteban G., Barcelona, Spain.

●   “Your book is a great and practical review.” – Kelly B., Nashville, Tennessee.

●   “The book is the best buy in all urology.” – Mike O., Marquette, Michigan.

●  “Thank you for this book - it is truly the urology resident's best friend.” – Mike N., New Jersey 

●  “Your guide to urology is the best.”  – Hector C., Mexico 

●   “The residents here love the book” – Alex K., British Columbia, Canada

●  “I'm a 4th year med student currently applying to urology and have found your pocket guide invaluable during my rotations.” – Nick C., Virginia.

●  “This is an awesome book. Thanks!” – Matt M., Reno, Nevada

●  “We all use your books...and think that they are fabulous.” – Kiara H., British Columbia, Canada

●  “Great job again on the new edition. It is a fantastic book.” – Shahar M., New York

●  “Thank you very much, we do appreciate all your hard work with this excellent book.” – Fred T., Chicago, Illinois.

●  “Congratulations on a great book!” – Caroline D., Melbourne, Australia

●   “Thanks for making the book because it is a real asset for what we do.” – Jason D., San Diego, California 

●   “I have found the Pocket Guide most useful...” – Sonita S., Boston, Massachusetts.

●   “I just took our boards in Chicago. Your book was definitely M-O-N-E-Y.  Talking to residents around the country, it  was definitely THE book (everyone's secret weapon).” – Joe L., UCLA.

    “I just wanted to tell you again what an enormous help your review book was in preparing for the boards. A lot of folks at the exam were using your book…” – Ganesh P., Johns Hopkins

   “The information is concise and easy to find.…it distills the important information from 3000 pages of Campbell’s Urology into a volume that is easily read and remembered.  I can honestly say that I refer to this book more than any other in my library.”– Blaine K., UCLA

   “I’ve come across no better pocket-sized resource for urology.  It is concise yet has all pertinent information readily available.  It is well organized and extremely relevant to the needs of both residents and…practitioners.  I highly recommend it to anyone in the field of urology.” – Chip P., Univ. of Florida

    “Pocket Guide to Urology is by far the best easy access, at your fingertips manual I have seen to date…I have put away all other pocket manuals and carry this one with me at all times… I recommend this handbook with the highest praise.”
 – Jennifer S., UCLA

●   “I used your book religiously for in-service exam preparation. It continues to be considered necessary reading for all of the current residents. I use it in my office now fairly frequently to look things up.” – James R., Utah

    “The second edition is an awesome, succinct review of the entire field of urology. I have used and will use this guide during my entire career in urology. It is highly readable, well-referenced, and in a format that enables easy comprehension. It serves as my daily reference.” – Andrew C., UCLA

●    "I found a book that the urology residents down here rave about. It is a compilation of Campbell's, Updates, and
       current studies...a great study tool.  The guys down here say that it is good for American Board exams and also
       the AUA in-service exam." – Resident from Canada while visiting a U.S. residency program.

●    "Thank you for all your contributions and wonderful pocket guide. I used it religiously during my residency
       and have just taken part 1 of the boards and PASSED! I used your book quite a bit to study for the boards
       and am convinced that your book is key."  – Nashville, TN.

●    "I had your first book and loved it. Your second edition is even better. You did a great job on the prostate cancer
        section among many others." – Omar N., Vancouver, Canada

●    "I was very impressed with the organization and content." – Emory University, GA

●    "I absolutely love it. I'm preparing for part one of the boards this August and it seems like a great resource."
– John R., Baltimore, MD

●    "My residents strongly recommend your book." – Baylor College of Medicine, TX.

●    "I wanted to order 3 additional pocket guides for my partners. They love mine!" – Atlanta, GA.

●    "I heard that this was an excellent resource and am requesting a copy." – Boston, MA.

●    "I loved version one in residency, now I need version 2 for the oral boards." – Chesterfield, MO.

●     "The residents at UCSF were more than thrilled to receive your book." – San Francisco, CA.

●    "Several of my colleagues have your book and find it invaluable."  – Alberta, Canada

●     "All of my residents are using the pocket guide to urology and say it's a great resource.  I was looking through it
         today and decided I had to have one."  – Francie H., South Carolina

●     "It’s by far the greatest portable reference I’ve seen yet..."  – Michael N., New Jersey

●     "Your book was a godsend for the inservice exams. Thanks for putting together a great book."
         – Ravi C., Memphis, TN

●     "All of my residents carry it in their pocket. Nice job with the second edition." Neil S., New Jersey

●     "I have been doing practice SASP exams and invariably any of my missed questions have the correct answer in
        the Pocket guide. Thanks for such a complete, concise reference."
Larry B., Houston, TX

If you wish to send us your feedback, e-mail your comments to: pocketguidetourology@yahoo.com.

Pocket Guide to Urology, Sixth Edition  - Copyright 2021 by Jeff A. Wieder.  All rights reserved.